Rental Car FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Rental Car FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions2020-11-26T14:14:11+00:00

Welcome! You’re going to Florida. So, begin your trip now. Reserve a car with us. Use our quick form to tell us what kind of vehicle you’d like and where you’re going. Click on “best price”. We’ll search our affiliated car rental agencies for your special deal– some of the best rates and benefits available in the industry.

What about toll-roads. Can I get a Sun Pass for my Florida rental car?2020-11-26T14:11:54+00:00

The change in your pocket won’t be of much help if the toll area is electronic. You should request a toll pass that your rental car company provides at their rental desk, or purchase your own. Florida’s Sun Pass website provides a wealth of information for visiting drivers. Read on for more complete information on this all-important Florida toll pass.

How much of a deposit is placed on a credit/debit card when the car is picked-up?2020-11-26T14:11:19+00:00

For Dollar Rent a Car – A hold will be placed on your credit or debit card for the estimated amount of the rental plus 15% or a minimum of $250.00, whichever is greater. We will remove the hold at the end of the rental when the final charges are settled.

Can I upgrade when I arrive at the rental location?2020-11-26T14:10:41+00:00

You are welcome to request an upgrade from the car rental representative at the rental counter upon your arrival. If an upgrade is available, you will be informed of your choices so you can choose a vehicle that will best fit your needs.

When are Drop-fees imposed?2020-11-26T14:10:01+00:00

Although infrequently used, this fee is sometimes assessed for renting a car in one rental location and returning the car to another lot location. The drop charge fee varies by rental location and time of year. The drop charge fee will be calculated and visible in your rental quote. The charge is payable at the time of pick-up.

What should I do in the case of a driving emergency?2020-11-26T14:09:21+00:00

Your chosen rental car company will provide Emergency Roadside Assistance if needed. Their contact telephone number will be included within your rental agreement.

Am I required to purchase auto insurance when I rent my vehicle?2020-11-26T14:08:53+00:00

Before leaving, check with your auto insurance agent to determine if you carry adequate rental car insurance. If you do, any further insurance purchases will be your option. For detailed insurance requirements, refer to your rental company’s website.

I’m visiting the U.S. Will I need to obtain any additional licenses to rent a car in Florida?2020-11-26T14:08:20+00:00

No. An International Driving License is not required. We suggest you check online at your rental Company site for more information about international driving requirements. You may be asked to show your passport at the rental desk.

What documents and information will I need to carry when I pick-up the vehicle?2020-11-26T14:07:47+00:00

All rental companies require each driver to show a valid driver’s license at their rental desk. A major credit or debit card is also required to rent a car.

Can I rent a car with a Debit Card?2020-11-26T14:07:16+00:00

Yes. Just make sure your Debit Card shows the Visa or Mastercard logo on the card.

What if I need to cancel or modify my reservation?2020-11-26T14:06:50+00:00

Not a problem. We simply request that you contact us via our Cancel/Modify form on this website. There are no cancellation penalties or fees.

Why is my confirmation email important?2020-11-26T14:05:52+00:00

The confirmation will provide you with all charges, including all government-imposed taxes and fees, you can expect to pay for your rental car. It will also let you know your rental is guaranteed.

Why didn’t I get my email confirmation?2020-11-26T14:05:24+00:00

Spam filters can catch the confirmation and treat it as junk mail or spam. If your email program or provider maintains a folder with an email that has been filtered, you might find the message has been routed there.

Is my online reservation guaranteed?2020-11-26T14:04:52+00:00

Yes! Although we require no deposit or credit information, your reservation is guaranteed. Once booked, your email reservation confirmation will arrive shortly.

Why aren’t the taxes and any additional fees (government fees or taxes) included in the posted rates?2020-11-26T14:04:25+00:00

We post the Basic Rates common to all locations. Taxes can vary by location and certain taxes are location specific and therefore can’t be included. The general formula for calculating taxes is at the bottom of the Basic Rate table.

Can I rent any additional equipment through you?2020-11-26T14:03:59+00:00

We are able to offer StreetPilot GPS equipment and Child Safety Seats. All additional equipment is subject to availability and should be requested at the rental counter.

Do weekly, reduced rental rates begin on Day 7?2020-11-26T14:03:00+00:00

No. Typically, “Weekly Rates” take effect on the 5th day.

Can I add additional drivers without paying more?2020-11-26T14:02:33+00:00

Not always. There is often a nominal fee for each additional driver. We’ll do our best to fins you the best deal possible.

Q: Do young drivers pay more to rent a car?2020-11-26T14:00:32+00:00

Yes. Car rental companies require that all drivers must be 21 years of age or older. “Young drivers” fall between the ages of 21 and 25. All rental car companies charge extra to cover higher liability. We negotiated with our partners to get the rate lowered to $8 dollars per day. Save money and book with us today.

Can I request the color of my vehicle?2023-01-17T16:44:35+00:00

Our car rental partners no longer offer this option. Many of our customers receive a chance to pick the car of their choosing when they pick up their rental car.

What’s different about the cars you rent?2020-11-26T12:49:39+00:00

The corporate price discount we offer is unique. The vehicles are the same shiny ones the rental company makes available, at a higher price, to their other customers.

How can you save me money?2020-11-26T12:48:48+00:00

As your booking agent, Discount Florida Car Rental will request quotes from our affiliated car rental companies. These quotes will factor in the information you provide on our Reservation page. We are able to offer low, corporate rates, not offered to individual renters, nor available through most other booking agencies. Our goal is to see that you rent the right car at the best possible price.

Do you charge a fee for this service?2020-11-26T12:48:11+00:00

You can rest assured that we do not charge any fees for this service. The quote you receive is the amount you will pay.

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