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Florida Car Rental Website Strives to Lure Customers With Appealing Design

Florida Sun Car Rental launches a colorful, informative, yet simple-to-use website FloridaSunCarRental.com that will provide affordable car rentals for the Sunshine State. The recent undertaking also includes a mobile version of the traditional site, FloridaCarRental.mobi, which utilizes keypad navigation. Both websites are seen as a benefit to Florida tourists and business travelers alike.

Orlando, FL (Reuters) January 9, 2008 -- Robert Harrison has recently expanded car rental offerings in the Sunshine State with his launch of www.FloridaSunCarRental.com (FSCR). The website utilizes appealing and colorful web design to create an easy-to-navigate car rental experience. A long-time specialist in Hawaiian vacation car rentals, this move comes as a natural progression of events for Robert. Since 2000, he has built a car rental business with the island visitor in mind. Now, in Florida, he offers a multitude of affordable car rental options for vacationers as well as business travelers.

Whether one is bound for Mickey-world in Orlando, a romp on the beach in Ft. Lauderdale, or a conference in Miami, FSCR provides a website that sets the scene for a worry-free journey. On a simple, short, one-page form that asks for no payment information, a customer can request a rental quote, or complete a car reservation. From passenger vans, or luxury experiences, to economical, get-you-there cars, FSCR's driving options are extensive. The website also incorporates special requests for multiple drivers, child safety seats, GPS units and specific car colors. European and other foreign visitors to Florida also will find FSCR is a friendly site to find a car for hire.

Robert's innovative websites are built to maximize ease of use for the less savvy, while maintaining interest for initiated web surfers. Deposits, payments and/or credit cards are never required on this site, nor are there cancellation penalties. The site maintains a Cancel/Modify page in the event that reservation changes need to be made after the initial rental is completed. In addition to providing transportation at the lowest price available, FSCR offers an easy-to-understand FAQ page of practical advice and rental policies. The site also includes information on many Florida locales. Of interest to first-time Florida visitors will be the maps of Florida cities that highlight each airport's location.

Robert continues his practice of forwarding mobile users of FSCR to a fast-loading mobile version of the traditional site, FloridaCarRental.mobi. Utilizing keypad navigation, car rentals are quick and simple for mobile device users. The abbreviated, low-bandwidth site is designed to fit small screens, yet scales up to newer, large screens. Once again, Robert has kept needed information to a minimum while maintaining the functionality of the original site. This is a handy option for any customer who is not in front of a traditional computer at the moment he or she decides to reserve a Florida rental car.

Besides creating a visually pleasing site, Robert Harrison wants FSCR to benefit the rental customer. When a request is received, a computer automates the process of finding the required vehicle. Applying customer information (including vehicle type, price point, dates, location, and individual needs) the request is paired with FSCR's trusted rental partners in order to reserve the best available vehicle. Following that process, each request is viewed personally by a vehicle booking specialist for accuracy and "Lowest Price". They strive to conclude this process and respond in a timely manner that typically takes no more than two hours. Although this is not "instant", the addition of personal care insures that the customer will receive an optimal car rental experience from FloridaSunCarRental.com. Vehicle pick-up is thereby guaranteed to be efficient, and best of all, no customer payment is required until the traveler returns the car at the conclusion of the rental period.

FSCR is a website that strives to take the user beyond a rental car form. It is a starting point for familiarizing a tourist with the area they intend to visit. It provides the traveler with an understanding of where airports lie in relationship to the cities they serve. In a competitive market such as the car rental industry, it is refreshing to discover a web designer who wishes to provide users with more than rock bottom rental prices.


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