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Long Term Car Rentals - Weekly, Monthly and Extended

When visiting Florida for a long period of time, many travelers find they need a rental car. If you plan to be in Florida for more than 5 days, you will like our discounted car rental rates. Hiring a car from Florida Sun Car Rental for more than five days will get you a lower rate.

Many reasons to consider a long-stay rental:

  • Extended vacation from winter
  • Public transportation doesn’t always go where you wish to go
  • Flying in from out of state to take a temp job
  • Your car won’t hold your visiting guests
  • Park rules don’t allow your motor-home to come and go
  • Desire to see several areas of Florida

Whatever your reason for traveling to sunny Florida-- snowbird, business, vacationer, job seeker-- we hope you'll take advantage of our no-obligation car rental form. We know we can save you money on your car rental during your stay in this beautiful state.

Because we individually negotiate our rates with our seven major car rental company partners, you'll personally receive the lowest rental rate available, determined by our reservations specialist who individually reads your form for your dates, car type, location and length of stay.

In addition to price breaks starting at 5 days, there are also discounts for month-long rentals as well as those lasting for several months. The quote you receive from us may include more than one rate schedule. Sometimes a combination of rates is the best value and it is selected for a customer.

The example below illustrates this:

Let's say you are going to hire a car in Florida for 42 days, from November 15th to December 27th. You might receive one of the following quotes:

  • One month, two 5-day weeks, two days
  • One month, one 7-day week, five days
  • Six 7-day weeks

The above examples all equal 42 days. Whatever combination yields the most savings is what our reservations specialist or our new automated search will choose for you.

Things to keep in mind when you choose to rent your vehicle from FSCR: Get a Long-Term Quote

Get a long-term car reservaton


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